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Niroot – Forum of Organizations For
Young Adults at Risk

Niroot Forum brings together over 30 social organizations across a wide spectrum, supporting over 20,000 young adults at risk throughout Israel. These organizations have joined forces to create social change, promote dialogue, raise awareness and build new collaborations & services. 

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About Us

Niroot is a broad forum encompassing all non-profit organizations working with young adults at risk in Israel, with three main goals:

1. Social Change – to drive social change for Israeli young adults at risk by advocating for policy reforms, expanding services and improving current standards of care.

2. Knowledge Development –Serve as a professional resource for organizations, fostering knowledge development  whilst advancing new knowledge and promoting the unique profession.

3. Gender & Culture Sensitivity – To implement gender-sensitive and culturally-aware practices in organizations and services supporting young adults at risk.

Our Organizations

Young Adults at Risk

In recent years there has been growing awareness of the challenges faced by young adults at risk entering young adulthood.

Young adults at risk are defined as young people aged 18-30 who face ongoing challenges, deprivation and/or distress in one or more of the following areas of life: education, employment and skills; welfare and emotional well-being; housing, health and personal safety; social and family belonging.

The growing awareness of the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by young adults at risk as they transition into adulthood has led to the establishment of numerous NGOs aimed at assisting them to integrate successfully into the adult life.

For example, young adults who are:

Lacking family and/or social support networks

Lone soldiers

Graduates of out-of-home placements (foster care, group homes, etc.)

Formerly ultra-orthodox

From immigrant communities, social and geographic periphery
and/or economically disadvantaged families

From the Arab society


Tour Group

Our Work

Innovative Work

Creating impact and meaningful change:
מודל תעסוקה ברגישות מגדרית

Gender-Sensitive Employment Model

We have constructed a unique model for gender-sensitive occupational guidance, with the support of the NCJW and SNATAGER foundations.
This model provides tailored solutions to the needs of young women at risk in the job market and tools for beneficial Occupational support.

Trauma Informed  Organizations

We've formed an innovative program implementing trauma informed principles and practices in organizations supporting young adults at risk, in collaboration with the Haruv Institute and with the support of the Gandyr Foundation and The Shashua Family Foundation.

ארגון מודע טראומה
מיזם החובות

The Debts Project

We've developed a project assisting young adults in managing debt and achieving financial stability. The project is operated in collaboration with the Yated program in the Ministry of Welfare, JDC Ashalim and the Legal Aid Services in the Ministry of Justice, with the support of the Gandyr Foundation.

The "Diurit"

We've established a tailored housing solution for young women lacking family support, in cooperation with the "Otot" organization. The housing project operates in 3 locations across the country, supporting hundreds of young women at risk.

קורס הכשרה לעובדות ועובדי צעירות.ים

Training Program for Junior Workers with Young Adults at Risk

We've created a comprehensive training course for workers at the beginning of their professional path, covering all relevant issues and providing a significant professional foundation for working with young adults at risk.

Unceasing Work

The forum operates on a team-based system, each team consisting of representatives from several organizations.

On Our Agenda:
אייקון - צוות מגדר

Gender Team

Implementing gender inclusion and cultural sensitivity across all
forum teams.

אייקון - צוות מיתוג

Branding Team

Responsible for the forum's branding, including our name,
logo, website etc.

אייקון - צוות תעסוקה

Employment Team

Promoting policy changes and tailored solutions in the employment sector

אייקון - צוות פרופסיה

Profession Team

Curating professional trainings, conferences

and courses.

New Projects 2023-2024

Image by Simon Maage

Policy change

Addressing unrecognized populations


Developing the international day for young adults at risk

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